About company

NIKOLSKAYA GALLERY is the gallery devoted to Russian art of XX - XXI century. The project is created for the collectors and professional market participants, primarily, investors, analysts, artists and connoisseurs of beauty. Gallery represents such directions of painting as landscape, still life, portrait, nude, antique, collectible rare paintings of Soviet realism and industrial landscape, modern art. NIKOLSKAYA GALLERY started acting in 2016.

The purpose of the gallery is to popularize of Russian art in Russia and other countries of the world.

Gallery presents the following authors: Pavlovskaya Elena, Kazantsev Eugeni, Unkovsky Andrew, Tolstaya Elena, Kudinov Egor, Naumova Maria, Kanushkin Anatoly, Okynevaya Olga, Kalinkina Dina, Britov Kim, Bosco Yuri, Kukol Victor, Andrianov Alexander, Kaneva Elena, Popkov Yuri, Alekhina Alina.


- a private collection of paintings of Russian artists of XX - XXI century;

- selection of specific authors/works/directions-to-order in the interior;

- leasing of paintings;

- organization of exclusive art events: exhibitions, workshops, lectures;

- long-term relationships with clients and confidentiality;

- lectures on art and workshops, plein-air painting and drawing in the gallery of faculty from

- leading art Universities in Moscow: Moscow architectural Institute, the Surikov Academy of fine arts S. G. Stroganov Academy, Moscow State University of Humanities named after M. A. Sholokhov.

NIKOLSKAYA GALLERY is open for cooperation and provides an opportunity to join the project for talented masters of fine and decorative arts, as well as other participants. You can send your offers by mail to the gallery: info@nikolskayagallery.com or contact us by phone:
+7 495 774 29 36!

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