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Past exhibition
"Red Horse of the Revolution" and "The Beginning of a New Era"
Dmitry Plotkin and Lyubov Butko
29 March – 01 May 2019
About exhibition:


March 29, 2019 POP UP MUSEUM will open the dual exhibition of curators Dmitry Plotkin and Lyubov Butko "The Red Horse of the Revolution" and "The Beginning of a New Era".
In Culture, one of its most important dominants is historical memory and its artistic comprehension. In the project “Red Horse of the Revolution” we see a very timely, modern and relevant appeal to our recent history, to a whole era in the life of the people united by the USSR, and now painfully interpreting its new state. Many factual materials, myths and the desire to clarify the past, giving it a more positive sound, take part in this spiritual work.
The author of the project is Dmitry Plotkin, who for 30 years has consistently explored the phenomenon of human civilization and its main component, Culture, this time offering us its understanding of the historical process as a kind of periodically recurring “canon”.
For this, he uses a variety of tools. On the one hand, these are pictures whose presence in the project turns it into an artistic one. And here we see a very accurate hit with the choice of authors who wrote paraphrase canvases on the famous Petrov-Vodkin painting “Bathing a red horse.” Each artist managed to brilliantly express the main theses of the project, defining it in a philosophical message.
You will see:
The picture of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin himself demonstrates a romantic message - his contemporaries were waiting and wanting to change and were not afraid of the coming violence.
In the picture of Olga Kulagina “The Birth of Red”, the idea of ​​a creative force is transmitted, leading to the emergence of a “new galaxy” ...
In Dmitry Plotkin's picture “The Universal River of Absolute Love”, the blood-red element of the desire to build a new life is shown, regardless of any sacrifices.
The canvas "Life" by Igor Solovyov sends us back to the time when the process of creating the "New World" turns into an everyday routine devoid of achievement.
Alexander Elmar in his film “Horse Bled” puts the final point-sentence of the Great Age and foreshadows the onset of a new time.
The second important language is the chronicle photos, objectively highlighting the exploits and tragedies of our recent history.
And finally, another important expressive language in this project are posters that lead with unpredictable dialogue with photographic photos, allowing you to fully experience the historical truth.
This part of the project, entitled “The Beginning of a New Era” (curated by Lyubov Butko, partner of the art project is the Rarita Gallery), this time you will see in tandem with the main works. It presents rare pre-revolutionary and Soviet posters, engravings, attributes of the Soviet era. Having started the excursion into the past with the “Last Judgment” exhibit in 1906, viewers will see all the main stages of the country's life, right up to 1991. Look into an old suitcase with personal belongings and documents of a Soviet person ...

Curators: Dmitry Plotkin and Lyubov Butko.

On the dual exhibition "Red Horse of the Revolution" and "The Beginning of a New Era".
The opening will take place - 18.00, March 29, 2019.
The period of the exhibition is from March 29 to May 1, 2019.
Exhibition address - Moscow, st. Butlerova d. 17, Designer BC NEO GEO, POP UP MUSEUM modern Russian art.
Visitor registration for the opening of the exhibition will be held in advance by phone: +7 985 774 29 36. For the remaining days, the exhibition will be open to the public from 12.00 to 20.00.
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