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Past exhibition
Youth Exhibition "Summer Carousel"
Детский сад и школа «Росинка»
26 May – 09 June 2019
About exhibition:

May 26, 2019 at 12.00 at the address: Moscow, st. Butlerov, 17, Pop Up Museum, designer business center Neo-Geo - a children's exhibition of students of the school and kindergarten "Rosinka" will be held.
Children, acting as artists, sincerely express their feelings and convey the most vivid emotions. Sometimes it is difficult for a child to say something directly, but he can express it through a drawing and his story about him. This is a very good way to learn more about your own child - about his inner world, about his perception of the environment. And it is also useful for the child himself, because drawing has a beneficial effect on overall development.
The theme of summer is close and clear to everyone, one can endlessly dream about summer, talk, remember. And now we will see children's drawings, brightly conveying summer moods.
The exhibition presents the work of students from 3 years to 16 years. The art studio is headed by a member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation Alekseeva Larisa Yuryevna. The most important thing in her studies with children is a conversation with the soul of a child, which cannot be interrupted or moved away even for a moment. For children to learn any information about the world, they need to love this world. And to love is to be able to see him. In the pictures of her students there are landscapes, still lifes and portraits made in various techniques: oil, watercolor, pastel, graphics. The works of children are united by the love for native nature, for creativity and painting.
The aroma of pines and peonies meets you in a picturesque place a mile from Moscow, where the private school “Rosinka” is located, which this year marks 26 years. “Rosinka” is not just a school, it is a commonwealth of kindergarten, school and family, where children from 2 to 17 years of age are covered by a single, continuous content of education and development.
The priorities of the school are a high level of education and development of children. The school harmoniously combines the best traditions of pedagogy and the newest technologies, giving the opportunity to receive high-quality education and unleash the intellectual and creative potential of children.
About the exhibition
Opening of the exhibition will be held at 12.00, May 26, 2019.
The period of the exhibition is from May 26 to June 9, 2019.
Address of the exhibition - art. Kaluzhskaya metro station, Butlerov St., 17, POP UP MUSEUM of Contemporary Art
Visitor registration for the opening of the exhibition will be held in advance by phone: +7 985 774 29

Designer BC "NEO GEO"
Private school and kindergarten "Rosinka" (CHU NGO "Rosinka")

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