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Past exhibition
Artist's diary
Polkovnichenko Alla
09 September – 09 October 2019
About exhibition:

NIKOLSKAYA GALLERY and POP UP MUSEUM present a solo exhibition of contemporary Russian artist Alla Polkovnichenko. The large-scale exposition gathered the works of Polkovnichenko from different periods of creativity - they are all united by nostalgic elements of the past, captured in the paintings by memories that become the artist's diary.

Polkovnichenko’s creative style dominates realism, but he is added to the exclusivity by the author’s mixture with brutalism, impressionism and other styles, the combination of which allows us to convey the artist’s immediate experience as he sees what is happening, momentary. A recognizable feature of the artist’s works is the writing with color planes, a kind of image pixelation.

Most of the stories in the work of Alla Polkovnichenko are devoted to her travels in Russia and neighboring countries. The landscape, captured in detail on canvas, often gives the impression of being seen in passing, on a walk. Looking at the work, the viewer can catch a nostalgic sensation, as if viewing tourist photographs from memorable trips.

Sometimes the paintings can be observed as a view from the window. This view is not just a landscape: the personal world of the artist opens before the viewer. Polkovnichenko, in his own way, produces the sacred initiation of the observer into his deep thoughts, feelings, and experiences. We know that a personal diary is the most intimate and intimate in the life of every person, but the artist’s business is sincerity, the artist’s task is to open his world to people.

Polkovnichenko has a rich creative biography. The artist was born in Taganrog in 1986. From 2003-2007 studied at the graphic art faculty of PI SFedU (Rostov-on-Don). From 2007-2013 - Studied at the Moscow Art Theater. IN AND. Surikov at the department of painting (Moscow). Since 2017 held an internship at the South Russian Creative Workshops of the Russian Academy of Arts. Member of the Moscow Union of Artists, the Union of Artists of Russia, the International Alumni Association of the Russian Academy of Arts, the Creative Association "New Wanderers".

She was awarded a diploma and a medal of the Moscow Union of Artists named after N.P. Krymov, a silver medal of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.

Member of international and national plein airs, more than 100 group and personal exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

The works of Alla Polkovnichenko are in the Serpukhov Museum of History and Art, the Vyatka Regional Museum of Art, POPUPMUSEUM, as well as in private collections.

Curators: Irina Nikolskaya, Julia Pakhomova, Ksenia Balasheva



Exhibition opening: 09.09.2019

Address: Moscow, Butlerova d. 17, BC NEOGEO, POPUPMUSEUM, Atrium 6

Appointment by phone: +7 985 774 29 36

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