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Past exhibition
Svetlana and Alexander Roschenko
29 October – 22 February 2022
About exhibition:

Opening: October 29, 2021
Collection of guests: 16.00
Opening: 17.00

Nikolskaya Gallery presents a solo exhibition of Russian artists Svetlana and Alexander Roshchenko. The exposition of the "Meadow" project includes abstract landscapes made in mixed media.Exhibition dates 29.10.-29.11.2021 Roschenko - artists from Krasnodar, graduates of the Krasnodar Art School. Since 2018 Alexander Roschenko is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. A recognizable technique of the couple's work is oil and acrylic painting on canvas, which combines realistic figurative compositions with abstract dripping and prints of living plants on the surface of the painting. Throughout the creative path, artists invariably work together, combining both ideas and physical strength to create large-scale projects. An important aspect of the process of creating a new painting is working from nature, which allows you to accumulate a rich texture of plant elements and create the necessary color tones.

The central plots of the paintings are focused on the mysterious beauty of the wild flora and the problem of the unity of man with nature. Conceptually, Roshchenko's works are directed to the study of the psychological portrait of a person, based on the personal emotional experience of artists. The composition of the plant world is organized in such a way that, when examining the picture, the viewer has the feeling that there is some kind of space behind the densely overgrown meadow. Each viewer will have to interpret this space for himself personally as light or dark; safe, intriguing, or intimidating.

Often the figure of an arrow appears in the composition, emphasizing the vulnerability of the plant world and its dependence on human actions. This image is inspired by the authors' love for the aesthetics of military technology, but the weapon here embodies a mental rather than a physical process. The shooter turns into a vivid symbol of an external observer, hiding in contemplation before making a decision or in comprehending his path. The contrast of expressive strokes, fragile natural elements and the brutal texture of military ammunition gives the viewer the necessary discomfort for deep reflection or experience. In landscapes where the figure of the arrow is absent, such tension is conveyed by the dynamics of the stroke and the brightest, sparkling palette of colors.

Combining experimental artistic techniques with traditional painting allows artists to gain complete freedom to express the meanings that they seek to convey to the viewer with the help of art. As a unified philosophy of all works, "Meadow" appears as a symbol of time and a variety of herbs, similar to the various qualities of a person. Also for the authors, it is an important symbol of life's journey, where a wide meadow is opposed to a narrow beaten path. Through the allegory of nature, Roshchenko creates a metaphorical image and at the same time quite literally focuses attention on the inextricable connection of a person with the world around him.

The works of the artists are in private and museum Russian collections. In Krasnodar, Roshchenko collaborated with the Larin Gallery and the Krasnodar Regional Art Museum for a long time. Participated in the St. Petersburg exhibitions of the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art and the Moscow exhibitions of the Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod and the White Room Foundation. Roshchenko are also participants of the 8th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art (2019).

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