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Past exhibition
Heavenly office
Олигеров Александр
04 April – 10 September 2019
About exhibition:


Alexander Oligerov is a modern Russian artist with an impressive international career. He was born in 1965, graduated from the Graphic Art Department of the Russian State Pedagogical University of St. Petersburg in 1993. Having found his unbeaten path in contemporary art, he fell in love with the world art community due to the ease of perception and optimism of the meanings of paintings. Dispensing with strict moralizing, Oligerov combines the format of a parable and positive symbolism in the semantic load of his works, includes many philosophical observations and witty remarks to everyday phenomena. In each work, one feels sympathy for the Man, the complexities and joys of his life path.

Oligerov's style dominates to lettrism - the avant-garde direction, involving the use of unreadable texts as graphic elements. “The fact is that I was always very interested in handwriting. He reveals the nature of man, he is unusually individual, it can not be faked in perfection. In the manuscripts of great poets and writers, I am attracted not only by the content, but also by the visual component. And in many works I use text elements, because handwriting can say no less than lines and colors ”- A. Oligerov.

Since 2000 is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia; since 2009 - member of the Paris Union of Artists "Les Seize Anges".
In 2006, for the works presented at the exhibition in St. Petersburg, “250 Years of the Academy of Arts of Russia” was awarded the silver medal of the Academy of Arts of Russia. In 2011, Alexander won the 1st place in the Italian competition of contemporary art “Made in Russia” and then presented, as part of Year of Russia in Italy ”, contemporary Russian art in Milan.

In 2016, at the largest international competition in Asia "Art Revolution Taipei" (Taiwan) received the Grand Prix and the Jury Chairman's Prize.

The artist's paintings are in the collection of the State Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts of Russia (Moscow), the museum of non-conformist art (Art Center "Pushkinskaya-10, St. Petersburg), the State Pskov Museum-Reserve (Pskov) of the State Novgorod Regional Museum-Reserve (Novgorod), and also in private collections in Russia and abroad. The largest collection is the vice-president of Samsung (South Korea) Mr. Lee Gil Han (42 pictures).

Selected exhibitions:
1994 - Auction of works of Russian artists in the United States (Rochester);
1997 - Stallen gallery Fredrikstad (Norway);
1999 - project "Song of Paradise" Central House of Artists (Moscow);
2001 - University of Strasbourg (France);
2002 - Exhibition Hall of the Russian Cultural Center in Helsinki (Finland);
2006 - All-Russian Exhibition of Artists' Union of Russia, dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the Academy of Arts of Russia (St. Petersburg); 2007 - International exhibition "Meeting of artists of five continents" Paris;
2008 - International Exhibition in Greifswald (Germany);
2008 - International Exhibition at the Modern art gallery, Los Angeles (USA);
2008 - 2009 International art project “Bilding bridges” Encinad, Tijuana, Mexico;
2010 - exhibition space "Krouvi" Lappeenranta (Finland);
2010 - Municipal Gallery "Villa des tourelles", (Nanterre, France);
2011 - International art project “Made in Russia” Open art Milan, Milan, Italy;
2011 - Z. Tsereteli Museum, an exhibition of nominees of the international competition of contemporary art “Art View” (Moscow); 2012 - Nest Pop Up galerie gallery, (Geneva, Switzerland);
2012 - Art Hansa; the Hanseatic Days in Lüneborg, Germany;
2013-2014— "Artistes Sentinelles"; Exhibition of Paris and Munich Artists' Congresses "Artists Witnesses", Paris (France), Munich (Germany);
2016 - International Exhibition of Contemporary Art "Art Revolution Taipei" Exhibition Center "101" Taipei (Taiwan).
2016 - Zoya Art Gallery, in the Art Zone 798 area, Beijing

Curators: Irina Nikolskaya, Yuliya Pakhomova
Organizers: Nikolskaya Gallery, POP UP MUSEUM

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