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Past exhibition
Boitsov Vsevolod
15 August – 30 September 2020
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POP UP MUSEUM presents the personal exhibition of Seva Boytsov "Creation". The exhibition will take place on August 15, 2020. "Creation" represents the author's reading of the book of Genesis, where the artist depicts a personal understanding and experience of the sacred act of the creation of the world. The art in these works exists at the intersection of the religious and the conceptual. From the point of view of religion, Boytsov as an artist finds individual points of contact with Christian culture. The author not only interprets the book of Genesis in his own unique style, but also supplements it with his own meanings and codes.

The project will feature over 30 paintings.

Seva Boytsov's style is original and recognizable. In his works, he mixes realism and abstraction, in particular, abstract expressionism, and his concepts balance between avant-garde and postmodernism. With a colossal level of academic education, Boytsov does not seek to reflect the world around him realistically. In his opinion, this negates the value and romance of reality. For a real artist, Boytsov believes, it is important not to show skill, but to express a spiritual composition coming from the depths of creative perception.

The exposition consists of the series "Wooden Spring" and "Seasons". The panorama of the exhibition is formed by landscapes endowed with a universal interpretation of the Earthly World. Large, exaggerated strokes of paint are used to add dimension to a painting without perspective. Conceptually, they focus on the materiality of the world and the variety of its textures. Despite the minimalistic palette of colors, Boytsov manages to convey the depth of the abstract landscape, its atmosphere: the movement of the wind in the clouds, the radiance of the sun, swaying foliage, the night shine of the moon on a snow-covered field - nature comes to life under the artist's brush.

The central place in the exposition is given to a triptych - the image of the Savior and symbols of the sacrament. Here Seva Boitsov turns to the technique of primitivism, encoding complex and deeply personal levels of spiritual experience in simple forms. Painting, made on hammered wooden boards, refers us to the traditions of icon painting and as if plunges the viewer into a mystical mystery.

Boitsov is inspired by Russian culture, the artistic history of his homeland. Among his favorite artists are Andrei Rublev, Feofan the Grek, Alexander Deineka and Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin. In his works, he explores the poetry of human images and natural phenomena of the Russian land, the romance of everyday things and events, endowing the paintings with a special energy and state, which he seeks to share with the viewer. In the contradiction of styles and techniques, he finds the harmony that each person seeks in himself.

Seva Boytsov was born in Moscow in 1988. A graduate of the Moscow State Academic Art School in memory of 1905 and the Art Institute. V.I.Surikov. Participant of many group and personal exhibitions in Russia, participant of the Arthammer auction in 2018. Boytsov's works are in private collections in Russia, China, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Lithuania and Canada.

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The opening will take place on August 15, 2020 at 16.00, guests gather at 15.00.
Exhibition dates: from August 16 to September 30, 2020
Address: Moscow, st. Butlerova, 17, BC NEO GEO, POP UP MUSUEM, 5 atrium.

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