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Past exhibition
Шоди Ализода
12 September – 12 October 2019
About exhibition:

On September 12, the SAPIENS EST restaurant together with NIKOLSKAYA GALLERY will present a personal exhibition of contemporary artist Shodi Alizoda “The Wanderer”. The exhibition, full of the most diverse plots collected by the artist’s eyes, invites the viewer on a journey through the impressions and bright colors of the Middle Eastern countries.

The difference between a wanderer and a traveler lies not only in the purpose of the path, but in thinking and the ability to contemplate. The wanderer is a contemplative, his path is long, long, unpredictable. Any path always has a sacred meaning, the ability to comprehend the new, discoveries both physical and occurring in the mind. Details in the artist’s paintings are not just part of the landscape or still life, they are part of the path that he goes through. In each of these details, moments, memory is encrypted. The paintings are full of inner concentration and even solemnity.

Shodi Alizoda was born in 1987 in the mountains of Tajikistan. By the age of 29, he left successful media projects and concentrated on art, becoming a student of the European director and artist Slavomir Leontyev, who had a great influence on his creative development. Following intuition, previously without an art education, Alizoda began his career by writing more than 40 paintings in a year, most of which were sold without a single exhibition. Today, the artist's works are presented in the Saatchi gallery.

The styles in which Alizod’s works are performed are diverse: from primitivism to abstract impressionism. The change in style decisions depends on the specific experience that the artist wants to convey in his work. Portraits in his work are often close to abstract impressionism - this style allows you to convey the emotional palette of a momentary human condition. Primitivism, on the other hand, becomes the most expressive form when reflecting landscape impressions, in those moments when feelings are simple and fresh.

For Shodi Alizoda, collaboration with SAPIENS EST is the first collaboration with a restaurant. In such collaborations, new paths are opening up for art, as well as for a lone wanderer seeking immediate ideas and unique ways of self-realization. The road in such ways is illuminated by sincerity and honesty in creative knowledge, so the wanderer will never go astray.

Exhibition opening: September 12, 2019
Free admission
Address: Pushechnaya 4/1, restaurant SAPIENS EST
Opening hours: 12.00 - 00.00
Phone: +7 925 229 94 45

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