Tue-Sun: 12.00–20.00

Graf Raisa
About painter:

Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University, received additional education in the field of psychology, took the course of the online school "Learning Environment". The acquired knowledge and experience, not directly related to art, formed Graf's artistic vision. 

In her practice, she seeks to visualize the structures with the help of which a person defines and forms his perception of the world, arranges and systematizes it. The mathematical nature of the (almost) scientific approach practiced by man is manifested in the pictorial grid, which Graf reproduces in his works. 

The problematics of the possibility and limits of ordering the world, the question of its inevitable aestheticization and deep phenomenological immersion in the world on the part of a person are at the center of her artistic practice.

The main medium of the artist is painting, along with it, the Count also creates sculptural objects. When creating a painting, the artist uses a painstaking technique of multilayer washes, demonstrating at the medium level a close connection between the world and the subject immersed in it.

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