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Latyshkova Natalie
About painter:

Natalie Latyshkova is an artist and designer. From the very childhood she was on a creative wave, and from the age of ten she began a life-long way of learning art. The strong teaching staff at the art school laid a solid foundation for Natalie's skills, upon which she further built her higher education as a designer in several cities in Russia and in Huddersfield, England.

The character of a perfectionist has always pushed Natalie to develop both personally and professionally. So she gradually ended up in Moscow from a small provincial northern city. She used even a long maternity leave as an excuse to learn something new: this is how Natalie met the epoxy medium in 2018. Resin art presented the artist with unusual drawing techniques and interesting effects of image depth.

Being at the forefront of artists in Russia Natalie always wanted to be ahead and she continued to generate ideas and experiment with resin. So she came to mixed media. Combined oil painting with epoxy. The idea of ​​creating a volumetric water surface with resin is innovative in the world of resin art and Natalie continues to actively develop it and seek unusual effects. A good academic education in graphics and painting, non-standard design thinking and skills in resin art have successfully intertwined in my paintings by Natalie Latyshkova.

Natalie's works are in private collections in such countries: Russia, USA, Ukraine, Moldova, Germany, Canada, Great Britain. Both student and youth works of the artist were exhibited in various galleries and museums in Russia and other countries.

The visiting card of Natali Latyshkova is the series of paintings "Immersion". All these paintings are united both by the idea of ​​creation and by an unusual mixed technique of execution.

The idea behind this series lies in a theme close to the artist: the rare rest of mothers. Natalie, as a young mother, confidently confirms that most mothers (especially babies) have very little time for themselves, for care and solitude.

A frequent way of rest is taking a bath, a shower, and in general, water procedures. And water is known to cleanse both physically and energetically.

In this series, the artist wants to emphasize the feminine beauty at the moment of replenishing energy resources, as well as the incredible properties of water, which cleanses the mind, washes away negative emotions, and gives relaxation to the body and soul. And such a medium as epoxy resin gives the effect of incredible depth not only to the image, but also to its idea.

Work on it was carried out actively in the pandemic, which brought a broader meaning to its message: every person with limited movement has the opportunity to immerse themselves in themselves and their feelings through interaction with water.
With her work, Natalie wants to give the viewer a pleasant feeling of freshness, relaxation, immersion in herself and her thoughts.

1992-2003 - Secondary school, Raduzhny, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.
1996-2003 - Art School, Raduzhny, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.
2003-2007 - Khanty-Mansiysk Institute of Design and Applied Arts, branch of UralGAKhA, Khanty-Mansiysk (specialization in industrial design)
2007-2009 - Ural State Architectural and Art Academy, Yekaterinburg (specialization in industrial design)
2007-2008 - University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield (specialization in product design)

Exhibitions (paintings by Resin Art):
2.02.2020 - 9.02.2020 - Group exhibition "EcoFriendly" by IzoArt Gallery at ARTPLAY Design Center, Moscow.
6.2020 - online exhibition "This is not your body" from Gallarty, Moscow.
7.2020 - on-line exhibition "IZOLATION" from the curator of the Cube Contemporary Art Center, Moscow.
15-30.08.2020 - exhibition "True Summer" from Gallery Fedini, Moscow.
06-29.11.2009 - exhibition "Caution! Nude" from Gallery Fedini, Moscow.
20.11.2020 -20.01.2021 - on-line "Dialectic of Hope" from Gallery Apartment S, Moscow.

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Drops of bliss
Latyshkova Natalie
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See how I can
Latyshkova Natalie
42 120
Latyshkova Natalie
Painting, 30 x 35 cm
26 520
Latyshkova Natalie
Painting, 30 x 30 cm
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