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Past exhibition
Growth principle
Russian fashion designers
20 September – 20 October 2020
About exhibition:

On September 19, 2020, the exhibition of Russian fashion designers "Principle of Growth" will open at the POP UP MUSEUM Museum of Russian Contemporary Art. The event will be held with the support of the Department of Design Textiles of the Moscow State University of Applied Arts. SG Stroganov, Institute of Business and Design (B&D), children's studio "Costume Design" gallery "On Kashirke", Art School - the center of aesthetic development of A. Yegorov, Indonesian embassy.

The exhibition project "The Principle of Growth" opens up to the viewer the process of professional development of clothing and textile designers - students of the M. SG Stroganov (Department of Design Textiles), the Institute of Business and Design (B&D), the children's studio "Costume Design" of the gallery "On Kashirke", the Art School - the center of aesthetic development of A. Egorov under the guidance of the teacher V. Bychkov.

The process of forming design thinking is a creative path filled with experiments, the study of nature, immersion in the history of art, analysis of visual perception, and the formation of the author's individuality. The mentor on this path becomes a guide, partly a director or screenwriter, who, with the help of an educational task, creates a reason for the student's creative realization. The task is like an objective map of the area, being guided by which each student forms his route and, as a result, gains an individual experience. In this algorithm, a creative ensemble arises, a dialogue between a mentor and a student at the level of the process structure.

The basis of the exposition is the sketch graphics of the costume. The genre of the sketch in the work of a fashion designer is unusually multifaceted. A sketch can be either a quick and laconic graphic fixation of a compositional idea (fore-sketch), or an image of a worked-out model of clothing in the author's graphic presentation (creative sketch), and it can also be a schematic and constructive, accurate image of clothing required to make a model in material (technical sketch). The stylization of the figure used in the sketching of the costume, the formation of the model's image, as well as the choice of expressive means, plastic language and artistic material for creating a sketch are associated with fashion trends and sharply express the author's design ideas. The artistic sketch of the clothes translates the handwriting and style of the designer, being a poetic promise of embodiment in reality, interacting with the imagination of the viewer.

The "Growth Principle" project included the works of students of different ages, united by the development of identical themes and tasks aimed at achieving common goals: mastering the expressive means of composition (shape, silhouette, scale, rhythm, statics / dynamics, texture, color), working out the transformation of creative sources in fashion design (natural forms, architecture, painting, historical and national costume). The priority of forming an original idea in working on clothing design erases the age boundaries on the creative path of novice designers.

Children's studio of the gallery "Na Kashirke": Bolshakova Taisia, Byalko Alexandra, Katamadze Evelina, Lisyukova Alexandra, Mayer Helena, Oderova Daria, Petrikova Eliza, Romanovskaya Ariana, Teslya Polina, Chizhikova Taisia, Shmidt Ekaterina, Shurygina Anna.
The art school is the center of aesthetic development of A. Egorov: Zhukovskaya Ekaterina, Morozova Alina, Novikova Olga, Udalova Lidia, Ferapontova Daria.
Institute of Business and Design (B&D): Anna Belmas, Daria Blinova, Kirill Golovanov, Valeria Dinh, Anastasia Zakharova, Anna Zakharova, Liya Kamalova, Aleksey Popov, Alena Safonova, Dana Tikhonova, Valeria Trubnikova, Anastasia Fedorova, Victoria Shlygina, Yakubova Yana Zakharova Anastasia, Margushina Elizaveta, Ismayilova Nailya.

Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry SG Stroganova, Department of Design Textiles: Abdullina Irina, Belousova Polina, Boske Marie Emily, Eremeeva Anastasia, Zvereva Daria, Mamai Maria, Nefyodov Ivan, Ryabova Sophia, Shpazhnikova Diana.

Vasily Bychkov
Irina Nikolskaya


MGHPA them. S.G. Stroganova, Department of Design Textiles
Institute of Business and Design (B&D)
Children's studio "Costume Design" of the gallery "Na Kashirke"
Art school - the center of aesthetic development A. Egorov
Design business center "NEO GEO" www.neogeo.ru

POP UP MUSEUM | www.popupmuseum.art
NIKOLSKAYA GALLERY | www.nikolskayagallery.com

The opening will take place on September 19, 2020 at 16.00.
Exhibition dates: from September 20 to October 20, 2020.
Address: Moscow, st. Butlerova, 17, BC NEO GEO, POP UP MUSUEM.
Registration for the exhibition and ordering a car pass: +7 985 774 2936

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