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Portrait to order

Personality and character of each person is unique and individual, and this is the interesting thing for an artist and beholder. There are brilliant portraits made to order among the works of many genius artists. The royal persons and the privileged class had the opportunity to order their own portrait or a portrait of their family members to the famous painters. That is why the paintings of days gone by came up to nowadays. Our artists can paint a portrait by a photograph or a portrait by nature in any of the preferred techniques. In contrast to photographer, an artist creates a collective image of person, while photography can capture only a moment. Besides the external similarity a real master is able to reflect the internal world of personality. Ordering a beautiful portrait painted by the artist, you get a unique opportunity to stop time. Only pictorial art has such power. Ordering your portrait or a portrait of your family members, you perpetuating your character or characters of people close to you forever.

The cost of the painting started from 15 000 rubles, the final cost consists of several parameters: term, size, material, technique and design of the painting.

To get a consultation you can contact our specialists by phone: +7 (495) 774 29 36 or fill out feedback form.

We guarantee timeliness. If you do not like the work, we will make a worthy replacement for the product / artist, or you can use an opportunity to return the painting within 7 calendar days from the date of the purchase.

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