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Lecture “Rene Magritte. Who is he a magician, a joker or a surrealist? ”

"The art of painting then seemed to me some kind of witchcraft, and the artist - a man endowed with magical powers."

Rene Magritte is one of the most prominent representatives of surrealism. He was a researcher, thinker from art and a philosopher of images.

What is the mystery of the Belgian artist. Who is he a magician, a joker or a surrealist? What is depicted in the artist’s paintings: real, fantastic, imaginary?

Or maybe there is no right answer?

At the lecture, we will learn about the life of the artist, we will understand how cinema influenced the work of Rene Magritte?

Let's talk about his most famous works, and about the unusual periods of Rene Magritte's life.

The artist and speaker of the lecture Katerina Solovyova will talk about his early years as an artist.

Biography. Family meeting with his future wife. He will tell about his period in advertising, about his early experiments in painting.

Of course, in the lecture we will touch upon an important period of life - Paris, its relationship with the surrealists.

About Brussels and life there. About the later experiments in painting, how he was influenced by cinema.

A little bit about conceptualism in the works of Rene and pop art (about how he anticipated it).

His paintings are puzzles that examine the relationship between objects. There is no single correct answer to these riddles, and each viewer finds his own.

Lecturer: Katerina Solovyova

Work examples:
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