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Past exhibition
In the stream
Irina Iva
05 September – 05 October 2021
About exhibition:

Irina Iva is a Moscow artist who has experimented with imprimatura for many years not only within the framework of technology. She interprets her art as a flow of energy that moves from the finite - the knowledge and skills of the artist - to the infinite - the limitless possibilities of inspiration in painting. The personal exhibition "In the Stream ..." conceptually unites various periods of the author's artistic experience since 2017.

Irina's painting is closely related to the landscape genre. The artist explores the relationship between nature and the human soul, as well as a special state that arises in the process of contemplating the surrounding landscapes. Such a state is intuitively captured by a person during the union of mind and soul - the state of being "in the stream". According to the artist, it is this that forms the core of reality, which is fundamental for life processes in every moment.

Using jets of water and liquid acrylic, Irina creates a unique basis for her compositions. The miraculous lines crossing all objects on the canvas embody the visual image of energy flows that permeate the fabric of reality. These casual, almost otherworldly lines lend a mystical vibe to familiar landscapes. Thanks to them, the artist immerses the viewer in the supersensible world, which is beyond material knowledge.

In painting, the artist works with oil and acrylic, in graphics - with markers, comparing such a combination with a monologue in two languages. Irina explains her use of markers in graphics by the presence of irreversibility of lines in her work with them and the accompanying utmost sincerity of the image.

Irina Iva is a regular participant in Russian and international exhibitions and plein airs, as well as projects of the Museum of Contemporary Art MOMMA and the Russian Academy of Arts. Member of the Russian Union of Artists, the Ministry of Artists, the Central Artists' Union, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Academy of Arts. He has two higher specialized educations MGUP-Printing (1998-2004) and Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. V. I. Surikova (2004-2010), also studied at the School of Contemporary Art "Free Workshops" at the Museum of Contemporary Art MOMMA (2015-2016).

About the exhibition:
Opening: September 5, 2021 at 16.00
Address: Moscow, st. Butlerova, 17 BC Neo Geo
Contact for registration for the exhibition:
+7 (985) 774-29-36 and info@nikolskayagallery.com

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