About company

NIKOLSKAYA GALLERY is a gallery dedicated to art of the XX - XXI centuries. The project is addressed to collectors and professional market participants, primarily investors, analysts, artists and connoisseurs of beauty. The gallery is represented by such areas as Russian realism, impressionism, modern. The gallery contains rare collectible canvases of Soviet realism and industrial landscape, contemporary art is actively developing. NIKOLSKAYA GALLERY started its activity in 2012.

The goal of the gallery is to popularize modern art both in Russia and in other countries of the world.


conducting lectures on art and master classes, plein-airs on painting and drawing in the gallery by teachers from leading art universities in Moscow: Moscow Architectural Institute, Surikov Academy of Arts, S.G. Stroganov, Moscow State University for the Humanities named after M.A. Sholokhov.

NIKOLSKAYA GALLERY is open for cooperation and provides an opportunity to join the project for talented masters of fine and decorative arts, as well as other participants. You can send your offers by mail to the gallery: info@nikolskayagallery.com or contact us by phone:

+7 495 774 29 36!

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