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Past exhibition
16 September – 30 September 2022
About exhibition:

September 17, Saturday, the POP UP MUSEUM of contemporary Russian art opens a new project "Changes" - a large-scale group exhibition that unites the areas of contemporary Russian painting, graphics and illustration.  The project is organized by the POP UP MUSEUM space with the support of the Nikolskaya Gallery and is aimed at supporting young authors who explore the topics of everyday life and contemporary socio-cultural contexts.
 The project "Changes" addresses the understanding of global transformations in world culture and personality, as well as the processes of adaptation.  The context of the last two years has defined a new paradigm of thinking, communication and lifestyle, and as part of the project, the artists will reveal to the viewer the visual and inner side of the changes that have affected private and public processes.
 In the conditions of the uncertainty of the present and the unpredictability of the future, a person most clearly feels his fragility and instability.  Such a state is always associated with an appeal to nostalgic elements of the past and the creation of one's own defense mechanisms.  The search for means of adaptation becomes both individual and collective.
 "Change" unites the diversity of personal experience, reflected through artistic tools.  The exposition of the project includes unique artistic images in various styles and techniques of painting and illustration.  Each author presents a creative interpretation of current changes, focusing on what caused him the strongest response.
 Participants of the Changes project: Veronika Teslitskaya, Yulia Radchenko, Ekaterina Bakaeva, Svetlana Turukina, Tatyana Malashkina, Ksenia Belova-Reshetova, Valentina Sapronova, Anastasia Usyonok, Elena Trifonova, Elena Antar, Sofia Merezhko, Katerina Orel, Elena Lisovskaya, Katerina Solovyova,  Ksenia Shibaeva, Maria Martynova, Katerina Vasilyeva, Regina Baibykova, Maria Anisimova, Anna Shuvaeva, Irina Sergeeva, Nadezhda Kirievich, Daria Akhapkina, Kristina Purshina, Leah Anufrieva, Nastya Tantsura, Ainura Hasanova, Oksana Muratova, Tina K., Ekaterina Barats, Olga  Ryzhkova, Maria Lutsenko.

 Curators of the project "Changes": Yulia Pakhomova, Irina Nikolskaya, Katerina Solovieva

 About the exhibition:
 Opening on September 17 from 17.00 to 20.00
 Gathering of guests at 16.00
 You can book a visit to the museum by sending a message with the full name of visitors and the date of visiting the museum by phone +7 985 774 2936 or by mail info@nikolskayagallery.com one day before the visit.  The entrance is free.  Parking is random.
 Address: Moscow, st.  Butlerova 17, POP UP MUSEUM, atrium 6.
 Opening hours: from 12.00 to 20.00
 Day off: Monday.

 Partners: BC NEO GEO, STONE HEDGE group of companies, Nikolskaya Gallery, The Ostrich Gallery

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