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Past exhibition
Ambrotypes. Human space. Medea.
Александр Богуславский
01 July – 30 September 2019
About exhibition:

uly 1 in POPUPMUSEUM opens an exhibition of contemporary artist and photographer Alexander Boguslavsky, who combined the authentic technique of photography with modern technology. The artist uses an old FKD camera and prints the images on 13x18 cm glass plates previously processed with silver. Due to the fact that the photographer cannot fully control the entire process of creation, each image is unique and has its own character.

“I have been doing photography for 30 years, mostly film. The first camera was presented to me on my 8th birthday. It was the cult Soviet camera "Change 8M". At that time, only professionals used the services of photo labs, while ordinary amateurs acquired equipment for developing and printing, with which they were locked in the bathroom for a long time on weekends, without reacting to a knock on the door.

I do not interfere with what appears. The main aspect in my work is non-interference in the process. I put the model in front of the camera, enrich the atmosphere with my reflections, prepare the chemistry for shooting and then just let the process flow its course.
This is a very complex and demanding photo-making technique - there was a time when I had some mistakes, but I realized that this is my way of the artist. Mistakes, according to Dali, are a gift from God, and I see the truth in this.
Most of the works that I created are built on some errors. At a certain point in time, I stopped complexes about this and think about the fact that I cannot do any things perfectly. All this led me to the belief that any chance is not accidental, but there is only a chain of sequences and events in which I am the transmitting link.

The lenses are old, one of them is over 100 years old and now even the problem is to find a description. Light that I use daylight or ordinary cinema. ”- Alexander Boguslavsky.


Ambrotypes - volumetric images on glass plates, as close as possible to painting. To create them, long exposures are required: models must remain fixed for 10, 15, 20 seconds. The camera captures not a moment, but a segment of life. With breathing, micromovements of the eyes and skin, and most importantly - with thoughts, emotions, mood changes. This allows you to see the most interesting things in a person: inconstancy, inconsistency, that is, the very “fluidity” that Leo Tolstoy wrote in the novel “Sunday”.

Alexander Boguslavsky came to ambrotype after many experiments with analog and digital photography. He worked in the genres of art and fashion, filmed while traveling. Having reached a certain level of professionalism, allowing full control of the processes of shooting and printing, the artist decided to reduce the limit of control. Relight, darkening, emulsion smudges, inevitable with ambrotype, not only add artistry to the image, but often give it a very special meaning.

However, the photographer goes further. He makes prints from glass plates and, together with artist Daria Shanzina, paints black and white reprints. This is how the project “Medea” appeared, in which the heroine of the myth about the Argonauts with the help of additional color is shown by a divergence that runs all the way from love to hate.

Dates of the exhibition: 07/01/2019 - 09/30/2019

Opening hours: 12.00 - 20.00 daily

Free admission, by appointment: +7 985 774 29 36

Address: Moscow, st. Butlerova d. 17, BC NEOGEO, POPUPMUSEUM, Atrium 6

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