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Past exhibition
Колосова Дарья
14 February – 31 March 2022
About exhibition:

A new project by Nikolskaya Gallery with STONE BY STONE HEDGE presents a unique collection of contemporary art by Daria Kolosova "Wonderful \ MARVELOUS", which was prepared for participation in DUBAI EXPO 2020 \ RUSSIA EXPO 2020 DUBAI. The exhibition includes illustrations by well-known and established authors, as well as works by young, but talented and promising artists.

A series of paintings "Wonderful Marvelous" (MARVELOUS) focuses on the evolution of art, deep, sentimental respect for tradition and complete immersion in works of art with the help of the ancient historical symbol of the matryoshka (Russian matryoshka). “Wonderful Wonderful” is an independent performance in which the viewer takes a direct part, glimpsing his own reflection in the mirrored copper surface of the canvas, for a moment entering himself into the history of the project.

The silhouette of a matryoshka doll in Russian culture symbolizes the continuation of life and acts as a landmark, manifesting itself as a point of intersection of eras connected by famous literary masterpieces that gracefully soar above the multi-layered complexity of Russian art.

"Divo Divnoe" is a unique and unconventional reminder that we are our history. This is a journey of a modern person into the art of the past, contextualizing the present.

The Marvelous Marvelous series includes:
- Vasnetsov, "Bogatyrs" / "The Tale of Igor's Campaign"
- Malevich, "Athletes" / Mayakovsky, "Comrades, argue about the red sport!"
- Polenov "Moscow Yard" / "War and Peace" Leo Tolstoy
- Kiprensky, "Portrait of Alexander Pushkin" / Pushkin, "The Captain's Daughter"
- Petrov-Vodkin, "Bathing the Red Horse" / Akhmatova, "Twenty-first. Night. Monday"

Artist: Daria Kolosova
- Laureate of the International Art Project "Royal Races"
- Formula 1 painted on real copper "Heart of the Scuderia Ferrari", 2020
- Official Artist of Luxury Road Casa Ricca Expo
- Motor rally in Moscow, 2020 Painting "Light" for the Ministry of Culture of the Ru

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