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Current exhibition
09 April – 09 June 2022
About exhibition:

POP UP MUSEUM together with Nikolskaya Gallery present the second series of this season's unique collection of modern fashion illustrations, assembled specifically for the large-scale exhibition FASHION ILLUSTRATION TAKES THE SPOTLIGHT. The exhibition includes illustrations by well-known and established authors, as well as works by young, but talented and promising artists.

The exhibition focuses on the diversity of artistic techniques and styles of fashion illustration in Russia. The project introduces the viewer to the bright, bold and relevant works of contemporary artists and involves him in the wonderful world of fashion and beauty.

Each illustrator presented at the exhibition has a unique and recognizable author's style. Here you can find works made in both impeccable minimalism and in a sensual, provocative manner.

Authors presented in the exhibition:
Merkusheva Elena, Fishman Ekaterina, Vasilyeva Katerina, Petrova Oksana, Aleksandro, Olga Roginskaya, Efimova Julia, Leli Gapova, Julia Kors, Irina Khalyapina, Anna Reshetnikova, Yulia Kuchenko, Yuzeeva Guzel, Tatiana Kovrova, Ekaterina Balashova, Anastasia Oskina, Daria Dolgova, Alexandra Mezentseva, Anastasia Safronova, Elena Zink, Svetlana Dorohova, Anzhelika Belokopytova, Ekaterina Nastas, Yulia Gurova, Yana Bakholdina, Katalina Lekhnovich, Daria Shubina, Ira Palkina, Tatiana Maklashina, Ioann Zimina, Anna Romanenkova.

Curators: Irina Nikolskaya, Ekaterina Solovieva
Opening: April 9 at 17.00
Gathering of guests at 16.00
Exhibition dates: 04/09/2022 to 06/09/2022

You can book a visit to the museum by sending a message with the full name of the visitors and the date of the visit to the museum by phone +7 985 774 2936 or by mail info@nikolskayagallery.com one day before the visit.

The entrance is free. Parking is random.
Address: Moscow, st. Butlerova 17, POP UP MUSEUM
Visiting the museum is strictly with a passport and a mask, a QR code or a PCR test!
Opening hours: from 12.00 to 20.00
Day off - Monday.

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