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Past exhibition
International Exhibition of Women Artists BOSSOM / LONO
25 December – 26 February 2022
About exhibition:

The BOSSOM / LONO exhibition will become a new symbol of peace, security and love in the disturbing and unstable environment of modern realities.

It doesn't matter what country we live in, what nationality, religion or culture we belong to. Our skin color, family and financial background, education and economic situation do not matter. Our professions, hobbies, talents and abilities do not really matter. All of us - women from different countries of the world - are united by one thing: the ability to give new life, to give love and pleasure.

From time immemorial, the bosom has been a sign of femininity, a symbol of reproduction and procreation. The bosom is the personification of motherhood, fertility and creativity. The expression "in the lap of nature" evokes a feeling of comfort and safety. A woman, in her human embodiment, is able to give everything that the earth gives us: love, warmth and care. It is in the womb that a person feels most comfortable and safe.

In the modern world, we have practically lost our harmony and tranquility: the stress of big cities, the constant pursuit of a "better life" and "comfort", a race with obstacles. This is also "facilitated" by the unstable political and economic situation in the world, loss of orientation and loss of security.

A person can revive tranquility and harmony within himself only by remembering his roots, his true nature. The BOSSOM / LONO project proposes to achieve this effect using the language of contemporary art.

The exhibition, which will be held at the modern museum site in Moscow in POP UP MUSEUM, will bring together about 100 iconic artists from all over the world. An internationally renowned American curator, Leonor Anthony, will give the "creative impetus" to the entire exposition: an activist artist, a prominent representative of the feminist art movement, founder of Simons Gallery (Miami, USA), participant of the Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art in 2017, a regular participant at the Art Miami fair. She will create an art object based on the project's theme (in the form of a women's bra), which will then be reproduced and sent to each of the participants, just as women reproduce new generations.

The challenge for artists from different countries will be to "refine" the object in their own unique style, using their own creative methods. Thus, having the same "initial", the project participants will express their views on a given topic in different ways, and broadcast their personal message to the viewer. The objects, finalized by all the participants, will be combined into a common large-scale installation - “THE CHAINE OF BRASS”, which will be included in the POP UP MUSEUM exposition.

Previously, the installation Leonor Anthony has already been presented in the PUBLIC ART format in the USA, and symbolizes the unity of women from all over the world.
What does the bosom symbol mean for each of the project participants? Motherhood? Creation? Creative revival? Emotions and pleasure? Chastity and purity?
The exposition of the "BOSSOM / LONO" project, which will be filled with art objects with the same form, but different content and emotional load, will tell about this. Also, each of the participants will present additional work in their own style on the topic of the project.

The exhibition will give the viewer the opportunity to feel the warmth and care, passion and emotionality, love and support of women from all over the world.
The project will be supported by leading Russian and world media: glossy publications, TV channels, radio stations and news portals, as well as international charitable foundations and organizations for the protection of women's rights.


General partner: STONE HEDGE Partners: BC NEO GEO

About the exhibition:
Exhibition dates: 26.12.2021 - 26.02.2022
Opening: 12/25/2021
Venue: POP UP MUSEUM, Moscow, st. Butlerova, 17 / NEO GEO
Guest Curator: Leonor Anthony / Simons Gallery (Miami, USA)

Curators: Irina Nikolskaya, Daria Rusakova

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