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Past exhibition
Naked Nature
25 August – 05 September 2022
About exhibition:

On August 25, a large-scale international exhibition "Naked Nature" opens with the support of NikolskayaGallery and G Gallery, Art Kira Chuvacova

The Naked Nature project presents a large-scale international exhibition organized by Nikolskaya Gallery, G Gallery and Art Kira Chuvacova. The exhibition will present a unique collection of contemporary art, which includes works by well-known and established authors, as well as works by young, but gifted and promising artists. The exposition of the exhibition included more than 60 works.

Opening of the international exhibition "Naked Nature" will be held on August 25 at three venues Nikolskaya Gallery in London and G Gallery in Samara, in Art Kira Chuvacova, Yekaterinburg.

The exhibition focuses on the diversity of artistic techniques and styles. Each author presented in the exposition has a unique and recognizable author's style. Here you can find works made in both impeccable minimalism and in a sensual, provocative manner. Exhibitors work with various materials from watercolors and acrylics to ink and designer markers, which allow them to convey dynamics with an emphasis on the semantic details of the image. The project introduces the viewer to the bright, bold and relevant works of contemporary artists and draws him into the wonderful world of the aesthetics of the body and nature, exposing all the innermost.

Landscapes, which touched upon environmental issues and delicately raised issues of the importance of nature in our lives, environmental pollution, marked with painting how to save and increase what we have, were the main line of the project of the naked nature of our world.

The exhibition opens up to the viewer a voluminous field of ideas and various interpretations of paintings in the nakednature style, which awaken the imagination and saturate the space with new extraordinary colors. "NakedNature" is a project that explores the accents of the aesthetic perception of the body and nature.

As part of the opening of the project, gallery guests and collectors, connoisseurs of beauty and designers are invited. The team prepared electronic catalogs with biographies and works of participating authors. Also, the exhibition will be duplicated in the virtual space of the Nikolskaya Gallery, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Exhibitors: Marina Marzepane, Ekaterina Prigarnyaya, Elena Tsikina, Katya Barats, Tursunkulov Rakhimkhodzha, Sergei Pidchenko, Kira Chuvakova, Margarita Dobrovolskaya, Ekaterina Samitina, Svetlana Gri, Olga Sapozhnikova, Daria Dementieva, Anna Borovikova, Valeria Salnikova, Yuliana Glazkova, Anna Vershinina , Lyudmila Baldina, Elena Lisovskaya, Marie Kotyalapa, Nastya Fedorova

Yulia Khaliullova, Lara Kolchina, Natasha Ravi, Alina Sergeantova, Ekaterina Zhuk, Gulya Vorona, Tanya Camaro, Lesya Karebina, Alevtina Tyapina, Ekaterina Orel, Yana Skorokhodova, Anna Gladkova, Irina Lang, Yulia Vasenina, Evgenia Polyudova, Evgenia Zubakhina, Veronika Teslitskaya.

Curators: Irina Nikolskaya, Samitina Ekaterina
Organizers: Nikolskaya Gallery, G Gallery, Art Kira Chuvacova
Exhibition dates: August 25 to September 5, 2022
The entrance is free
Address: London, New Bond Street 125, Nikolskaya Gallery
Day off - Monday.

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