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Past exhibition
Varvarrá и Дарья Колосова
15 May – 30 June 2021
About exhibition:

Museum Night is a unique event that brings together a wide variety of artists.  This year it takes place on May 15th and starts the NEW WEALTH exhibition, which will run until the end of the month with the support of Nikolskaya Gallery at the STONE by Stone Hedge House of Commercial Real Estate.
 The NEW WEALTH exposition presents diametrically opposed authors who are united by a non-standard approach to the embodiment of art.  Russian artist Daria Kolosova creates bright, memorable compositions in the pop art style.  A former graphic designer, Daria has always strived for the freedom of improvisation and the implementation of the most daring ideas.  Contrasting canvases encode a story about the experience of female emotions and individual interaction with the body.  The prevailing pink color in the series is an ironic symbol of everyday ideas about the perfect body shape and gender role of a woman.
 Varvarrá is a creative union founded in 2012 by artists Sergei and Varvara Nemov.  Working at the intersection of art and industrial design, they create unique objects that go beyond the usual planes in sculpture and painting.  The artists find inspiration for their works in ancient national dolls - Daruma, Honshu, Matryoshka, etc. All these toys appeared on the continent throughout the late Middle Ages and over several centuries managed to acquire various regional ethnic motives - from the shores of China and the Japanese islands to Russian fairs  and mountain villages of India and Nepal.  Quoting them, Varvarrá invented unique copyright techniques for working with material that have never been used anywhere else.  In their collections, the artists use premium materials of the highest quality, including British porcelain and crystal from the oldest glass manufacturer in Eastern Europe.
 The idea of ​​the NEW WEALTH project encompasses the assumption of art as the currency of emotions.  Using the example of two authors, the chamber project seeks to show how contradictory, extraordinary, but incredibly impressive an artist's approach to understanding reality and matter around him can be;  how wide can be the optics of the gaze, which awakens the deepest emotions and experiences of the viewer.
 The art market commercializes art, allowing us to acquire what could forever remain within the walls of museums.  Despite this, the only currency in which art can truly be judged is human emotions and the response of the soul, breaking away from the dispassionate perception of everyday lif


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