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Past exhibition
New reality
02 October – 02 December 2020
About exhibition:

On October 1, 2020, POP UP MUSEUM of contemporary Russian art at the design business center "NEO GEO" meets post-pandemic autumn with a large-scale joint project of two art galleries "InGallery" Inga Legasova and "Nikolskaya Gallery" Irina Nikolskaya - an exhibition of works by contemporary Russian artists "New Reality".

In 2020, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic divided our life into periods of "before" and "after", forcing residents of many countries of the world to go into forced self-isolation, deliberately socially distance themselves from each other, rethink their usual priorities and values, thereby radically changing the old reality to completely different, new and suddenly appeared from nowhere. Suddenly, Asian, Russian, European, American, African cities, towns, villages and villages fell out of full-fledged active life and froze in fear of their future, paralyzed by an epidemic of a hitherto unknown virus. People were imprisoned in their homes, deprived of living human contact, unable to go out into the fresh air and continue their usual activities. Talking about an epidemic is never easy, and most likely most of us would like to forget about it as a bad dream. However, from the point of view of art, it can be presented as an extensive experiment, a kind of action with independent participants, during which the latter are left alone with their inner world, literally locked in themselves, undergoing inevitable transformations during this difficult period.

The project "New Reality" includes more than 40 Russian artists and presents an extensive section of painting and graphics on the theme of self-isolation and social distancing experienced by the authors. The works are for the first time presented from the collection of the Moscow collector Inga Legasova. The exposition contains works devoted to understanding the time of self-isolation, fears, fears, eccentricities, reflection and prospects of life in the near future. The exhibition was filled with a wide variety of artistic concepts, styles, views, reflections. The emotional palette of the project goes back from the strict and dark tones of disappointment, despair, hopelessness to the iridescent colors of sarcastic irony and romantic optimism. The viewer meets echoes of Moscow conceptualism in illustrations by young artists, melancholic expressionism in watercolor sketches, pop art saturated with details in the era of the virus, postmodern graphics filled with bitter smiles, realistic portraits of doctors and nurses. The variety of textures in the exhibition allows each viewer to customize their own tone of dialogue with the works of talented authors. The exhibition is supported by the famous poet Vladimir Vishnevsky's "coronavirus", written by him during the period of self-isolation and vividly characterizing the new reality.

Today we can afford to quietly go outside, take a walk in the park, enjoy the atmosphere of city cafes and restaurants, go to a museum and an exhibition. The cities of the world are reviving to normal life, breathing again, filling with live communications.

 “New reality” is each of us and all of us together, these are our new skills, acquired habits, new thoughts and desires, but also new fears. What new ones will we fill the world with? Will we be able to return to our previous life, as it would be if nothing happened to us? Maybe we will start to appreciate solitude? Or will we more often and more attentively communicate with loved ones? Perhaps, let's think about our own values, priorities, true goals and aspirations? Who knows? However, we can be sure that we will look at the world in a new way, at ourselves, at others, because people understood that they have each other. The epidemic has alienated us from unnecessary, superficial, unimportant and at the same time united us. As well as the exposition "New Reality" presented by artists of different ages, creative views and beliefs, we are all now united by a common new experience thanks to which we become emotionally closer to each other - people of different countries, different nationalities and different confessions, who have become the main component of the new reality.

Sergey Bazilev, Dmitry Plotkin, Nikolay Lavetsky, Andrey Bilzho, Mikhail Malinkin, Masha Maikova, Lyudmila Belova, Andrey Logvin, Yuri Gordon, Anastasia Nilskaya, Natalia Zemlyanaya, Alexey Barsukov, Katya Schwartz, Maria Pak, Gor Chahal. Maxim Tatarintsev, Elena Tugozvonova - Borodina, Yulia Stepanova, Maria Cohen, Laima of the Year, Olga Sokolova, Alexander Dedushev, Marina Ivanova-Imar, Konstantin Slepukhin, Polina Sinyatkina, Ivan Dubyaga, Tasya Vasilkova, Ivan Tuzov, Sergey Dorokhov, Vitaly Barabanov Matyash, Yanina Boldyreva, Masha Lykova, Maria Burtova, Anastasia Nesterova, Stella Labuzhskaya, Elena Epifanova, Olga Peganova, Yana Antonova, Ilya Orlov, Dmitry Anigeev, Marusya, Mitya Nesterov, Alexander Zabaluev, Tatiana Alekseeva, Nadia Kovba.

Inga Legasova, Irina Nikolskaya, Marianna Gushelik

The opening will take place on October 1, 2020 at 19.00.
Collection of guests at 18.00.
Exhibition dates: from October 2 to December 2, 2020.
Address: Moscow, st. Butlerova, 17, BC NEO GEO, POP UP MUSUEM.
Registration for the exhibition and ordering a car pass: +7 985 774 2936

POP UP MUSEUM of contemporary Russian art www.popupmuseum.art
INGALLERY www.ingallery.ru
NIKOLSKAYA GALLERY www.nikolskayagallery.com

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