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Past exhibition
Пучкова Мария и Наталия Вихляева.
06 September – 01 January 2020
About exhibition:

Exhibition REVIEW is a collaboration of two artists, Maria Puchkova and Natalia Vikhlyaeva.

Exchange of inner impressions and experiences from the experienced.

This is a dialogue about the present moment, in which nothing stands still, the moment of planet transformation, generational change, human evolution, decay of archaic foundations. This is a time of incredible speed, technological innovation, expansion and contraction of consciousness against the backdrop of catastrophic climatic changes, a growing imbalance and intolerance within the community.

In the works of Masha Puchkova, the theme of the distortion of beauty, the harmony of nature, through the negative impact of human activity is raised. Her work addresses the concept of “consequences” and provides an opportunity to think about the result of separation, indifference, unconsciousness, disunity. About the result of Dislike.

Natasha’s works are aimed at finding the “root cause”, they open an investigation of imbalance, recreate trauma, study the concept of “what is inside is outside” and vice-versa. This is an analysis of external manifestations of the internal state and the discovery of the collective in the individual. This is a study of duality: the clash of love and fear, understandable and unconscious, with life and death in order to devastate and identify the inner center from which every creator can start from scratch.

Possessing a delicate sensitivity, a creative person, like no one else, knows how to empathize and like no one else, is vulnerable and prone to rough energies and manifestations of this world. Therefore, a true artist is, first of all, a warrior!

The works of Masha and Natasha are stylistically bipolar. By their contrast, they not only complement each other in the process of dialogue, they determine the truth: man and nature are one.

MASHA PUCHKOVA - artist, graphic designer.

Born in 1983 in Moscow. Currently lives and works in Israel.

In 2004 she graduated from the Moscow Higher Academic School of Graphic Design (VASHGD). Has a complete art education, Masha returned to creativity relatively recently. Since 2016, she has been working under the pseudonym PUCHÖK and has been creating vibrant, catchy paintings on canvas and fabrics using mixed techniques. Participant and laureate of various art competitions and exhibitions.

NATALIA Vikhlyaeva - artist, graphic designer. Born in 1979 in Moscow. In 2002, she graduated from the Department of Graphic Design at Temple University, Philadelphia. In 2013, in New York, she took the path of an artist. The result of independent art distribution is partially presented at today's exhibition. Natalia devotes her art to restoring the balance of duality and reconstructing the harmony of society with nature.



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