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Past exhibition
Colour. Shine. Flowers
Starkova Elena
01 March – 31 May 2019
About exhibition:

In POPUPMUSEUM of contemporary Russian art, Elena Starkova’s personal exhibition “Color. Shine. Flowers.

On March 1, 2019, NIKOLSKAYAGALLERY and POPUPMUSEUM, with the support of Design Center NEOGEO and STONEHEDGE, present a large-scale exhibition by Russian artist Helena Starkova “Color. Shine. Flowers. The exhibition includes 93 works, paintings and graphics.

The works of this series are devoted to a variety of natural phenomena, the interaction with which gives a person an exceptionally pleasant experience. Starkova is confident that contemporary art needs positive emotions, in the view of the creative side of life. Bold combinations of bright colors confirm her position in life and literally pierce the viewer with their warmth.

Elena Starkova was born in Rostov-on-Don in 1980, grew up and lives in Moscow. Journalist by education, a graduate of Moscow State University. Lomonosov, the future artist realized her destiny early. After receiving a second degree at the Academic School of Design, then for several years she studied academic drawing from the honored teacher of Russia and member of the Union of Artists Alexander Gudkov. Experience with Gudkov bore fruit, and Starkova's talent was appreciated by many Moscow galleries, such as A3, Sam Brooke, Solyanka, “HERE on Taganka”, and others. Elena Starkova is a participant of a large number of exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, India . Author of more than 500 works, most of which are in private collections. In 2015, at the ARTBATFEST festival in Almaty, the first video art project “World Ear” was presented jointly by the artist Claude Steiner (Zurich).

Creativity Starkova - an extraordinary phenomenon in the modern art world. Inheriting the traditions of constructivism and Suprematism, the artist works at the junction of these concepts. The color spectrum of the paintings is very variegated, which makes it possible to reflect the full range of human reflection when interacting with nature. Most of the works are a reflection of emotions and landscapes, as if fragmented, passed through a kaleidoscope. Geometrical figures are surprisingly combined, making up a psychologized composition.

In some works, colors that seemed to be completely unrelated to the depicted are used — for example, in the Full Moon picture, green predominates, and in Yin-Yang, instead of the usual monochrome, shades of blue and gray are used. The artist draws attention to the importance of changing the usual look at things and the need for art to look at different angles.

Round shapes and their color combinations evoke the works of the first abstractionist Hilma af Klint. Her spiritual quest is undoubtedly spiritually close to Starkova's creative thinking. The artist often travels around Asia, including the year she spent in India, opening her own gallery.

An intuitive search for a form to reflect impressions leads Starkov to a unique style of artistic representation. Its significant place in contemporary art is undoubtedly justified for us: it allows us to diversify the idea of ​​the dynamism of figures and events, and also to think about how far our imaginations can go in searching for abstract interpretations of the surrounding world.

 About the exhibition “Color. Shine. Flowers ”
Collection of guests - 18.00.
Opening of the exhibition - March 1, 2019.
The period of the exhibition is from March 1 to May 31, 2019.
Exhibition address - Moscow, st. Butlerova d. 17, POPUPMUSEUM, modern Russian art, Atrium 5, Designer NEOGEO BC.
Visitor registration for the opening of the exhibition will be held in advance by phone: +7 985 774 29 36.
The rest of the days the exhibition is open to the public: from 12.00 to 20.00.
Closed on Monday.
Curators: Irina Nikolskaya, Yuliya Pakhomova

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