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Past exhibition
Екатерина Балашова
01 December – 30 December 2022
About exhibition:

The project is dedicated to the artistic perception of winter as an inspiring season. The exposition included a series of illustrations addressed to the theme of "winter magic". The plots of the works interpret famous fairy tales and pop culture motifs, and also present exclusive author's images.

Ekaterina Balashova perceives her work as an opportunity to dialogue with the viewer without words - through associations. According to the artist, the image is able to convey the idea more subtly, referring directly to the space of feelings. In her works, she pays special attention to faces, emotions and key details of the image, while maintaining understatement in the general plan of the composition. The visual language of the artist is determined by the search for the main symbols of the plot that form the essence of the story.

Ekaterina's style is close to fashion illustration and embodies her idea of ​​beauty. The artist attaches great importance to aesthetics as one of the factors that determine the spiritual state of a person. Filling his space with good, bright, kind, a person changes himself for the better from the inside and thus affects the whole world around him.

The project "Winter Tale" offers a journey into the fabulous world of images, united by the impression of the magic of winter time. The spectacular intersection of fashion illustrations with stories about goodness and magic opens the viewer up to a unique aesthetic experience, making them freeze in anticipation of a miracle.

Ekaterina Balashova is a Moscow artist and illustrator, a graduate of the Moscow State Technical University. A. N. Kosygina in the specialty Artist-stylist for the design of textile products. After completing her studies, Ekaterina worked in various areas and techniques of fine art, including as a theater production designer. Since 2015, she has been hand-painting clothes, her works are purchased both in Russia and abroad (USA, Europe, New Zealand). For the past few years, Ekaterina's work has been focused on fashion illustration: she has worked with the brands Gucci, Schiaparelli, Adidas Originals, Draw a dot, Kenneth Jay Lane. A regular participant in exhibition projects and the Biennale in Moscow, a participant in the Nikolskaya Gallery "Meta Fashion" exhibition in London.

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