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Karipov Ramil
About painter:

Ramil Karipov was born in 1986. Currently lives and works in Moscow. Artistic activity began in 2018.

Collective exhibitions:

  • 2022 "POP UP MUSEUM", gallery owner Irina Nikolskaya.
  • 2022 "New Names" art space "ART BOX" TC RIVIERA.
  • 2022 "Careless movement as a BEGINNING" Yulia Yakubovich's studio. Curator Yulia Yakubovich.
  • 2022 WIN WIN Contemporary Art Market at Winzavod.
  • 2019 Exhibition-fair "International Art-Salon" in Gostiny Dvor.
  • 2019 Festival of abstract art "Art Abstract".
  • 2018 Russian Art Week "Art Week".
The main message in the works of Ramil Karipov is to work with the Unconscious space of the artist, which expresses the images of future paintings and the role of the Unconscious in the creative process.

The author's intuition and active imagination become the main tools, which allow working with deeper images. Ramil Karipov argues that his works do not fully belong to him as an artist, since the conscious pictorial process in his works occupies only a small part.

At the first stage of work, the author completely withdraws from reality, turns off the control of the mind over the flow of thoughts, and the whole process, starting with the selection of colors, takes place on an intuitive level. Then a dynamic state is triggered, which is determined by sensations and involuntary movements of the hands.

At the second stage of work, the artist analyzes the resulting images and silhouettes from the perspective of objective reality. Expressive painting is structured, the author begins to recognize figurativeness in his works. The paintings often contain a sacred meaning that the author himself cannot yet unravel. Faces, signs, objects, objects, silhouettes - all this gradually manifests itself thanks to the artist's brush.

This method of work allows you to recognize and focus on hidden images that open up new outlines of the abstract space.

This happened to everything that surrounded the artist, from early childhood. Everything had a different meaning, an alternate form, a double meaning.

Mountains, sky, trees, water, footprints in the mud, puddles - the author saw animals in this, features of human faces, cars, houses. Ramil saw the characters of his favorite books, bizarre plots. These images went with him through many years of searching for his path and calling. They came to him in a dream, during meditation and were reflected in his works.

Unconscious. Childhood memories, life experience and the saved skill to see a completely different world. A world of fantasy, plots created by an involuntary gesture.

The heroes of Ramil Karipov's works are created intuitively. Each of the paintings has its own plot, its own story. Some works radically change the meaning, it is enough to turn them and look from a different angle. Each work is an essay, a thriller, a detective story, a romantic comedy, a quest. Each picture is the same world that the artist saw before going to bed.

painters works
Deja vu
Karipov Ramil
Painting, 60 x 80 cm
250 000
History of the future
Karipov Ramil
Painting, 60 x 80 cm
281 000
Karipov Ramil
Painting, 60 x 80 cm
174 000
Karipov Ramil
Painting, 40 x 50 cm
129 000
Karipov Ramil
Painting, 33 x 46 cm
188 000
Karipov Ramil
Painting, 80 x 100 cm
266 000
Karipov Ramil
Painting, 30 x 40 cm
102 000
My dream
Karipov Ramil
Painting, 60 x 80 cm
149 000
Lion's share
Karipov Ramil
Painting, 60 x 80 cm
287 000
Karipov Ramil
Painting, 40 x 60 cm
172 000

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