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Solonnikova Raisa
About painter:

The artist spent her childhood in Asia, Raisa was born in Kazakhstan (Almaty). From an early age, she enjoyed oriental colours and ornaments, and this fact developed in her a huge interest in art in general. "I have always been fascinated by everything related to art. Beautiful films, designer objects from all over the world, sculptures , but especially paintings: oil tubes, brushes, a painter's palette!" says the artist.

After school, she moved with her family to Moscow, where she graduated from the Moscow State University of Design and Technology, and after got a master's degree in Milan at the Marangoni Institute. For a long time she was deeply involved in design, creating collections for Russian brands and at the same time visited art studios and artists' workshops.

"Sometimes it seems to me, that | am staying in permanent search of painting techniques and presentations. But one position is always unchanged, is reverent attitude to colour. This is the basis of my art. Color is a concentration of energy, through it | feel the mood and through it | translate the atmosphere that | want to convey to the viewer.

| think that in creating art you need to be always sincere. This is my motto, with which | create my works," says Raisa.

The artist is inspired by the beauty and energy of nature, and she believes, that art should carry a bright and positive vibration, so she signs all the works with "RA" - putting a of solar energy into them.

painters works
Summer dream
Solonnikova Raisa
Painting, 40 x 50 cm
98 000
Summer time
Solonnikova Raisa
Painting, 75 x 90 cm
195 000

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