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Pokladova Irina
About painter:

Pokladova Irina was born in Arkhangelsk in 1950. Graduated from the Moscow State Art Institute. Surikov in 1978. Works are in private collections in Germany, Italy, Palestine, Turkey, Czechoslovakia.

Participation in exhibitions, auctions:

1982 The country's youth. All-Union Exhibition. Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh". Moscow;
1985-86 16th-17th Moscow Youth Exhibition. Moscow;
1988 1000 years of Christianity in Russia. Moscow;
1988 The Labyrinth. Group exhibition. Palace of Youth. Moscow;
1991 Zone exhibition of Moscow artists. Central Exhibition Hall "Manezh". Moscow;
1992-93 Group exhibition together with Popkova I., Popkov Yu., Pirbudagov O., Portyan V., Potocki G. Kuznetsk bridge, 20. Moscow;
1993 Artists of Moscow. Group exhibition. Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1993 Easter still life. The Kuznetsk bridge, 11. Moscow;
1993-94 Exhibitions of the exhibition center "Moscow Gallery".

Irina talks about her work: "The crowd judges the work, looking at the model line and not realizing that it can disappear altogether, giving way to the artist's line if she lives according to her own laws." Under the line, I understand the continuity of personality. she will change herself, there is no soul in the creation, it is dead, only one progress is important for the artist - moral, moral, for the line goes on decline as soon as the flame of the soul diminishes.Moral progress is the hardening of the soul. "
Whatever the artist wrote - a portrait, a still-life, a landscape - everything is filled with light. It is irritated by the illumination, the outer shell of the object. The subject world of painting exists as if dissolved in the medium, in the fullness of space with light, in that luminous halo that remains after the disappearance of the object. And if this is not meditation, then the desire for it.
There are no shadows in her works. The philosophy of light and darkness, good and evil - the philosophy of struggle, the eternal companion of our statehood, does not affect her creativity. Calm flattened balance of canvases inspired by the northern icon-painting system. The artist Irina Pokladova seeks to affirm harmony only in its highest manifestation - beauty.

painters works
Рождество. Настя
Pokladova Irina
Painting, 120 x 100 cm
200 000
Pokladova Irina
Painting, 80 x 100 cm
160 000
Таруса. Дерева
Pokladova Irina
Painting, 87 x 57 cm
80 000
Фонтан (диптих)
Pokladova Irina
Painting, 100 x 160 cm
200 000
Натюрморт с восточной керамикой и инжиром
Pokladova Irina
Painting, 71 x 91 cm
110 000
Лето красное
Pokladova Irina
Painting, 111 x 86 cm
140 000
Библейские птицы
Pokladova Irina
Painting, 120 x 100 cm
200 000

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